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Rophie is about sustainable energy supply and a low-carbon green lifestyle. We are facing the challenges of climate change and a growing global population. The way we choose to live determines our future. Rophier is committed to being the advocate and leader of green and low-carbon energy solutions. Rophie is committed to being the leader in green energy solutions and low-carbon lifestyles by continuously developing solar products and providing comprehensive off-grid and grid connected solar solutions.

Rophie's brand philosophy is one earth, one home, bluer skies. Join Rophie and work together for a sustainable future.

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Since our inception, Rophie has been dedicated to innovation in the solar energy industry. We're not just a manufacturer of solar panels; we are pioneers in advancing solar technology for a sustainable future. Rophie combines extensive research, cutting-edge development, and precise manufacturing to deliver superior solar products.

Extensive Coverage and Expertise:

Our manufacturing facilities span a vast area, equipped with advanced technology and operated by over 500 skilled professionals.

Global Impact:

We have proudly delivered over 1000 MW of high-quality solar panels worldwide.

Rophie's mission:

Rophie's Commitment to Efficiency and Sustainability

“ Rophie is set to redefine the essence of a sustainable business model, intertwining innovation with responsibility.

Our approach goes beyond mere profit-making; it's about creating meaningful and enduring value for our customers, employees,

and partners. We are committed to fostering a harmonious relationship with the environment while ensuring sustainable returns for our shareholders.This balanced blend of ethics, innovation, and profitability is what makes Rophie a pioneer in the solar industry.”

Johnson Jia, CEO & Founder Rophie